Sept. 28, 2002 :: This is the Rådhuset, or City Hall, in Oslo. It faces Oslo Fjord and Akershus Festning, and is the location of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.
This is the clock on the other side of the Rådhuset. Pretty, isn't it?
The sky was doing amazing things that evening, this picture was taken from near Akershus Festning, over Oslofjord.  
Same thing, just... I mean... WOW!
A little tourist shop near the Rådhuset. That's a troll on the left hand side. Speaking of trolls, a lady here once told me rather snootily I couldn't learn hakking unless I found someone elderly to teach me.
This one was taken on the steps of the Rådhuset, facing Aker Brygge. The statues is a fellow holding something but I'm not sure what.

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